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Advantage of buying or renting a property in Jomtien or Na Jomtien Pattaya

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  • December 19, 2019
Pattaya is a great place to own or buy a property and caters for everyone’s needs bars,resturants,places of interest,boat trips and many other things. Jomtien is a little different and the main advantage of this area is the lack of traffic compared to Central Pattaya.
I understand sometime ago Jomtien was a small village separated from Pattaya by Pratumnak
Hill,today a much busier place with a great selection of Condos and Houses at good prices to buy or rent but still a very relaxed place to live.
The beaches in Jomtien and Na Jomtien are cleaner than Pattaya, the beauty of Jomtien unlike
Naklua area you have a beach front full of movement and bustle similar to Pattaya but not as crazy.
In Jomtien you have 2 market areas that are very popular, at the end of Soi 5 across the busy road is Rumphole market and along beach road near Soi 9 another really nice night market.
Jomtien as a selection of restaurants Swedish,Indian,Thai, German etc: a very good selection at reasonable prices. Bars and massage parlour’s similar to Pattaya,but not so many of them and a little more discreet. Na Jomtien as less bars and restaurants, however two very good quality beach front restaurants come to mind Baco and Glasshouse a little more expensive with fantastic beach front settings.
Jomtien has a selection of high end properties for very affordable condos to buy or rent in a very
different environment to Pattaya. A very mixed population of different age’s mainly European,Australians, English,Americans and of course a large amount of Thai people make Jomtien a very nice place to live.
I think in the future Na Jomtien and Jomtien will become very popular places to live because of the very mixed population and the selection of property at affordable prices. Jomtien is 10 minutes from Central Pattaya and 20 minutes from Na Jomtien and 30 minutes from
Bang Saray another up and coming area.