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Owning a house in Jomtien or Na Jomtien Pattaya

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  • December 19, 2019
What makes people own a house in Jomtien, a very good question! Owning a house in Jomtien or Na Jomtien is a good idea because of its location.
 You can own a house in Jomtien on Threppasit Road which will cost less than central Jomtien or Na Jomtien at a very competitive price in a much busier area with all amenities close by but not the beach of course.
If you are happy with traffic and not to worried about getting taxi or even having you own transport then this area is still acceptable.
The other area in Jomtien is Thrappaya Road again a little busier than other parts of Jomtien, however access to beach,bars and restaurants still very easy.
 Jomtien to Pattaya runs a taxi service known as the 10 baht beer bus running all the way along beach road Jomtien along Thrappaya Road into to Pattaya 24 hours a day. Jomtien beach road is an area which it is also possible to purchase a house a little more expensive and less selection.
Second road (Thrappaya Road) runs parallel to beach road Jomtien towards Na Jomtien is a good place to own a house.
Imagine walking along Soi 7 from beach road Jomtien,when you get to the end crossover the busy road and on the opposite side you will find nice little private estates with security and guards nestled away in places you didn’t think existed. That is why owning a house in Jomtien is great idea so very close to all amenities.
Na Jomtien is little further away at the end of beach road Jomtien and not as convenient.
However very popular with people because it is less built up and more peaceful. Na Jomtien area I feel is a great location and in the future will get better. To sum up owning a house in Jomtien or Na Jomtien is a great idea.